Kevin Foroshani  MSc
Managing Director

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“   …. if you'd not be happy with your loved ones to be exposed to a certain situation, then there is a duty of care to rethink the method …..”




K1 Construction, like every reputable company in our industry, takes its obligations in respect of health and safety of our personnel, and all those likely to be affected by our operations, very seriously indeed.


We are committed to the continual training and professional development of our staff and management team. We employ a dedicated Health & Safety Manager and retain outside consultants to continually review our procedures. We wholeheartedly believe that you can never do too much when it comes to health and safety provisions.


Notwithstanding the provisions we have in place for the effective management of our obligations, our founder and Managing Director; Mr Kevin Foroshani introduced an initiative and culture into the company many years ago, which primarily stipulates that notwithstanding the company’s adherence to all regulations, codes of practice and statutory obligations, if for any reason whatsoever, any member of our project management team (irrespective of their level of seniority), feels that a certain situation may need further thought, then there is an obligation on all relevant company members to rethink the process. We hence introduced the aforementioned guideline; “   …. If you’d not be happy with your loved ones to be exposed to a certain situation, then there is a duty of care to rethink the method …..” This philosophy is used in all stages of the development and formulation of our method statements.


The said guideline may at first sight appear somewhat unsophisticated, but we believe it has been instrumental in our company having the lowest RIDORs in the country. Indeed, according to senior members of the HSE, given the number of notifications issued by K1 as Principal Contractor, our company enjoys a most enviable position. We have been commended by the HSE for going the extra mile in our endeavours to communicate, in a jargon-free and yet effective manner, the true spirit of the current health and safety legislation to our personnel.